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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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The Emperor.—Let us hear it once, my love.
The Princess (stamping her foot).—Take it away at once! And
tell the Prince he needn't send me any more presents like
that. A gold.bird or a silver one that you can wind up
would be much nicer, (more angrily still.) What are you
staring at ? Take it away at once, or I shall scream. The Emperor.—My dear child, pray calm yourself! (To the
Servants) Take it away, I beg of you: the Princess is not
very well to-day. (Exit Servants.) The Princess (crossly).—Nonsense, Papa, there is nothing the
matter with me. (another knock.) Oh! If that is another
present from the Prince, it shan't come in.
(Enter Prince disguised as Swineherd. His face is stained
with brown and smudged with black. His clothes are ragged
and old.) The Prince.—Good day to you, my lord the Emperor! Can
you give me work to do in the palace ? The Emperor (stroking his beard).—Why . . . yes. . . .
Hum! That is lucky! I want some one to take care of the
pigs, for we have a great many of them. Yes, you shall be
appointed Imperial Swineherd. The Prince.—Good . . . er . . I mean . . . thank you, your
Majesty; I have been looking for work for a long time. The Princess (to the Maids).—That is why he has such a dirty
face, I suppose. The Maids.—And look at his clothes. . . . Ugh! The Emperor.—There is a little hut, close to the pig-sties: you
can have that for a house if you like. The Prince.—Thank you, that will suit me very well. I want
somewhere to work. The Princess.—What do you work at, Swineherd ? The Prince.—Sometimes I make things that pretty princesses
like to buy; rattles and toys, and magic pots and pans, and
musical boxes. The Princess.—Well, we shall see: if you make pretty things
I shall certainly buy them, but you don't look as if you could
do anything except take care of pigs. I hope you wash your
hands before you work.
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