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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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120                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
The Emperor.—My love! My love! You are too forward. Run away now and play; the rain has stopped, and the garden will be looking pretty. Swineherd, you may go to your work.
The Prince.—Thank you, your Majesty, {exit LEFT.)
The Princess {calling after him).—I shall come and see your pretty things to-morrow, Swineherd! {She picks up ball, throws it at the Emperor, hitting him, and runs out RIGHT, laughing, followed by Maids.)
The Emperor {with a big sigh, rubbing his head).—It is cer­tainly high time she was married!
{Curtain falls.)
SCENE II—Outside the Swineherd's Hut
{Entrances, LEFT and RIGHT. When the curtain rises the Prince is discovered sitting on an old stool in the doorway of the hut. He is polishing a small iron pot or pan.)
The Prince.—There's a good day's work for you! (looking at the pot.) Aha! my fine, my delicate Princess, you will have to pay for this. I can't sell such valuable goods for nothing. But what proud ways and looks she has! she must be humbled. My castle is not big enough to hold such a grand lady. . . . Well, porridge-pot {holding up pot), she shall pay a hundred kisses for you, neither more nor less, and then we shall see what we shall see: a good many things can happen to princes in disguise. Dear! {with a sigh) it is a pity she is so spoilt: she would make me a fine wife and a pretty one too.
The Princess {off the stage).—Come along! Quickly now, this way! I want to see what the creature has made to-day. {The Prince starts whistling, and rubbing the pot. Enter Princess followed by Maids of Honor. They stand in a group, watching: the Prince takes no notice, but seems busy whistling and working.)
The Princess {after a pause).—Swineherd!
{The Prince starts, looks up, and then begins working again.)
The Princess {more sharply).—Swineherd! Don't you know who is. talking to you?
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