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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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The Princess (beginning to cry).—O Papa! I . . .
The Emperor.—Not a word, Miss, not another word. If you are so fond of the Swineherd you shall marry him; I will have nothing more to do with you; you are no daughter of mine. March! March, I say!
The Princess (crying bitterly).—I will never do it again. . . . Oh! . . . Oh!
The Emperor (angrier than ever).—Do it again if you like . . . a thousand times. ... It doesn't matter to me. You shall not enter my doors again. (To the Maids) Come, all of you, and don't huddle there like scared rabbits. Follow me, and if one of you dare speak to that girl again, out you go, neck and crop! (drives them all before him to LEFT.)
The Princess (running after him and catching his gown).Don't leave me! Oh, don't leave me!
The Emperor (pulling himself away from her).—If you and your Swineherd are not out of here in half an hour, I shall send soldiers to chase you.                                             (exit.)
The Princess (crouching on tJie ground, still crying).—Oh! . . . Oh! . . . What an unhappy girl I am! . . . If I had only married the handsome young Prince!
The Prince.—Well, it is no use crying, you will have to come with me now. It serves you right: you laughed at the Prince's gifts, and yet you would kiss a common man like me for the sake of a porridge-pot.
The Princess (stopping her sobs).—Why? How do you know that?
The Prince.—I know many things. Come, get up: we have a long way to walk before we get home.
The Princess.—I am not going home with you.
The Prince.—You will have to: who else will take you in?
The Princess.—I don't care: I will starve, or die; I'll do any­thing, but I won't marry you.
The Prince.—Nobody asked you to: I won't have you for my wife. Come along (pulling her up), you shall be my servant and clean my house and cook my dinner.
The Princess (bursting into tears again).—O Papa! Papa! How could you be so cruel!
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