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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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124                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
The Prince.—He won't hear you, however loud you cry; you have to come with me. Here, take the pot, I have other things to carry, (puts it in her hands, enters the hut, and comes out again with package). Now, come along, or the soldiers will chase us. (takes her hand and pulls her out by RIGHT).
(Curtain falls.)
Alfred, King of England.                   Earl Ethelred.
A Minstrel.                                The Neatherd's Wife.
Table, charcoal fire with stones, wooden stools three-legged preferred; bowl with dough, kitchen things. Suggestion—For the charcoal fire make a ring of stones; put bright red tissue paper in the middle and a few charred sticks over the top. Strew the floor with straw. Have everything as poor and mean and bare as possible.
SCENE—The inside of the Neatherd's hut in the Island oj Athelney. Door LEFT corner. The rough walls are hung round with mugs, platters, pots, pans: the floor is strewn with straw: to the RIGHT a rough wooden table littered with kitchen things: to the LEFT, a charcoal fire built roughly round with stones: a wooden stool near the fire, another by the table. When the curtain rises King Alfred is discovered sitting on stool, to LEFT by the fire. He is dressed in an old, tattered, brown doublet edged with fur, sandals on his feet, and instead of stockings he wears leather straps bound round, from ankle to knee. His hair is long, reaching to shoulders: his beard rough and uncombed. TJie Good-Wife stands at the
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