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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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126                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
King Alfred {half to himself).—Ay, it is a lonely place, and savage enough and safe enough for even me.
Good-Wife {going to the door, LEFT corner).—Look to your work now, or it will be the worse for us all.              {Exit.)
Alfred {resting his head on his hand, and speaking slowly, as if thinking aloud).—Ay, my good dame, there you spoke true. I have more work to do than you think, and if it be not well done it will indeed be worse for us all. O England! . . . O my country! O my poor people, down-trodden by the bitter, treacherous Danes, what can I, thy King, do to save thee? Here in hiding—alone—with my brave soldiers scattered—defeated—slain . . . what can I do for thee, O my country? {rising.) While there is life in me, and a brain to think and a heart to beat for thee, I will never give in . . . the tide must turn. . . . There is a Power above that will never desert the righteous. . . . Courage . . . Courage . . . We shall conquer these foes that come only to steal our gold and our lands, our lives and our peace. England shall be freed from these robbers, {sits down.) . . . Oh, if ever I win back my crown and king­dom, I solemnly vow that the third part of my time I will give up to deeds of charity—the third part of my gold shall be given to the poor—the . .
Good-Wife {entering angrily, and rushing to the fire).—They are burnt . . . they are black. ... I smelt them burning half way down the path. Shame . . . shame on you, stranger! O the fool that I was to leave them with you! . . . O fool, fool that you were to let them burn! Look at them . . . Look at them . . . {shaking one in his face.) Good-for-nothing, you would rather starve than work . . . you would see good food burn and never trouble to lift a finger to save it ... a pretty fellow, i' faith! {a knock is heard at the door.)
King Alfred.—What was that?
Good-Wife {angrier than ever).... A pretty fellow! You have eaten my food and slept imder my roof for six weeks, and what do you give me in return? You burn my cakes, my good rye-cakes, till they are fit for nothing but to throw to the pigs! Ohl {slaps him on tJte cheek: enter Earl
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