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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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King Alfred (smiling).—This good soul hath sheltered me right nobly all these weary weeks.
Good-Wife (falling on her knees).—Mercy, mercy, Sir King!
King Alfred.—'Tis I who cry to you for mercy, my good dame. I burnt your cakes; but have no fear, ye shall have a gold piece for every one, and my hearty thanks for all your kindness, (raising her to her feet.) I fear my dreamy ways were not much to your liking. But come, my friends, let us go, and speedily. There is no time to be lost; (going to door) we have each our work to do.
Ethelred and Minstrel (following).—Ay, forward! For­ward!
King Alfred.—To Victory! (Exit all save Good-Wife.)
Good-Wife (at the door, watching them out of sight).—To think of it ... to think of it ... . (going to table). And I never knew ... I never guessed . . . (taking up a cake). Ay, black as a cinder ... to think of it, and I slapped him with these very ringers . . . (in a whisper.) Him! The King . . . our good King Alfred, {loudly.) God save him! . . . God give him victory over his enemies!
(Curtain falls.}
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