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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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130                           IDEAL HOME LIFE
before they have perched themselves. If the cat should succeed in touching anyone who is off his perch, the player touched becomes cat.
He cannot touch the old cat until the latter has been perched once.
"Here Goes Up for Monday"
This game is played by seven children, each taking the name of one of the days of the week. The players stand facing a high wall. Sunday takes the ball, and throwing it high against the wall, calls out the name of one of the players, who must try and catch it before it reaches the ground, the others meanwhile run­ning away. If the ball is caught, it is thrown against the wall by the catcher, and he in his turn calls a name; when a player misses the ball he loses a point, or an " egg," as it is called. He must then pick up the ball and throw it at the other players, and if one is hit, that player also loses an egg, and has in his turn to throw the ball against the wall.
The player who, when throwing the ball at the other players, fails to hit one, must himself throw the ball against the wall. The loss of three "eggs" puts a player "out"; the last one hav­ing an egg left wins the game. -
The Sack-Race
For this race each boy is put into a sack, not fastened, how­ever, higher than the neck. The boy who is to start the race lays them in a row, flat upon the ground, and at the signal each does his best to roll, hop, or in some way get past the winning-post.
If sacks are not obtainable, the arms should be tied to the sides at the elbows and wrists, and the legs tied together at the knees and ankles.
The players, who may number from three or four to twelve, arrange their caps in a row against a wall, and put three small stones, called "eggs," into each cap. A player is chosen to begin the game. He stands at a distance of about ten feet from the wall, and tries to roll a ball into one of the caps.
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