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The Menagerie Man
Each of the players, except two, takes the name of an animal, such as lion, leopard, panther, etc.; one of the two remaining is called the buyer, and the other the seller. The seller is supposed to own a menagerie, so he traces an imaginary cage upon the ground, and puts his beasts into it. The buyer then comes to the menagerie and pretends to knock at the door.
The seller asks: "Who knocks?" The buyer replies: "A merchant." The seller asks: "What do you want?" The buyer says: "To buy an animal." The seller then asks: "How much will you pay for it?" The buyer then mentions some price—say, ten dollars.
The seller then invites the buyer to enter, asking him at the same time what kind of animal he wishes to buy.
If an animal that the showman has is mentioned, he tells it to run out, at which it runs away from the cage. Before the buyer may run after it, he has to pay the price agreed upon, giving as many little taps on the hand of the seller as he has mentioned dollars. He then pursues the animal he has bought; if it can get back to the cage without being caught, it takes a new name; if, however, the animal is caught, the buyer pretends to cut off his ears, after which it is considered to be a dog. The dog or dogs have then to help to catch the other animals. The game ends when all the players have been caught and become dogs.
"I Spy"
This game is a mixture of Tag and Hide-and-Seek. The players divide themselves into equal sides, each side choosing a captain. The two captains decide which side shall hide first, helping their sides in hiding and seeking, by telling them good places, and so on.
The seekers mark out a base, and stay there with closed
eyes or otherwise so that they cannot see where the hiders go to
conceal themselves. The hiders give a whistle or shout to X—io
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