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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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134                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
show that they are ready. The seekers then begin to look. As soon as a hider is seen, the player who sees him shouts: "I spy," and all the seekers rush home, for on being called the hider must come out, and he must trv to tag a seeker before the home is reached. A hider need not wait to be called, but can try to tag a seeker whenever he sees a chance. The seekers should never pass a place where there is the least chance of any one being hidden, for if they are cut off from home they are sure to be caught. If the seekers are successful in spying out the hiders without being caught they go out to hide, but if most of the seekers are tagged the hiders go out again.
Widdy-Widdy Way
This game is sometimes known as "Warning." A "home" is marked out against a wall. One of the players is chosen to be the "leader," and begins the game by taking his place in the home. As soon as the "leader" is ready he clasps his hands to­gether, kicks the wall, shouts: "Warning!" and starts in pursuit of the other players as in Tag, except that his hands must not be unclasped. If the leader unclasps his hands he cannot touch any player till he has gone home and started afresh. If the "leader" can be caught as he returns, he must give the one who caught him a pick-a-back or ride home.
As soon as the "leader" touches a player, the two rush home to avoid giving pick-a-backs. After joining hands, kicking the wall, and shouting: "Warning!" as before, the two start to­gether in pursuit of the others; in this way the game goes on, player after player getting caught, and having to join the chain. The players who are still free try to break the chain without being touched in order to get a ride home and to put off the time when they must themselves be caught, for as soon as the chain is broken the players composing it must run home.
If the playground is a small one it is best to arrange for a " widdy of six"; that is to say, when six are caught they must go ji pursuit together, but the next one caught must start a fresh "widdy." Thi6 prevents the chain getting so long as to stretch right across the ground and so to make dodging impossible.
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