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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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136                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
the ground, and are placed in the center of each goal line. Fifteen yards in front of each goal a twelve-foot line is drawn parallel to the goal line. Quarter circles are drawn from the extremities of this line, with the goal posts as centers. This curve is called the "striking circle," and the ball must be struck by one of the attacking side from a point within the striking circle in order that a goal may be won.
The game is commenced by a "bully"—that is, the ball is placed in the center of the field and the two opposing center "forwards" strike the ground in front of the ball and then each others' sticks above the ball. This is done three times. Then the game begins.
When a goal has been scored, and at half time, when the sides change over, the ball is again started by means of a " bully." The only stroke allowed in striking the ball is from right to left, no left-handed or back-handed strokes are allowed. <
A player may stop the ball with any part of his body; but must only drive it by means of his stick.
No kicking, collaring, tripping or rough play is allowed in this game. When a ball is driven over a side line it must be rolled back by a player on the opposite side.
When the attacking side hits the ball over the goal line a "bully" takes place twenty-five yards from the spot where the ball crosses the goal line. If the ball is played behind by the defending side a "corner" is allowed, that means a full hit, and is taken by the attacking side from the nearest corner flag, the attacking side being outside the striking circle and the defending side behind the goal line. As soon as the ball is struck they may rush forward.
When a player strikes the ball any one of his side nearer the enemy's goal line than he is ruled "off-side," and must take no part in the game unless there be at least three of the enemy between him and their goal-line. He cannot become "on-side" again until another player strikes the ball. If the rules are broken a "free hit" is given against the offenders. When a "free hit" is taken no member of the offending side is allowed within five yards of the ball.
Two umpires are necessary for this game, one on each side.
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