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Dog-Stick and Splent
A tongue-shaped piece of wood is required tapering at one end, rounded at the other and slightly hollowed so as to form a cup to hold the ball. Instead of the bat a club, called a dog-stick, is used—a boundary line is drawn and the player must strike the tongue-shaped end of the splent in such a way as to shoot the ball up, and then before it falls to the ground he must strike it with the club, sending the ball as far as possible beyond the boundary line. The other players may stop the ball if they can.
The farther the ball flies the better for the player, as he measures the number of stick lengths from the boundary line and counts them as points.
The player is out if he misses the ball, or fails to strike it beyond the boundary-line, or if he is caught out.
Snow Games
It is very easy for boys and girls to invent snow games for themselves; but a few hints as to how to set about it may be use­ful.
First and foremost it should be remembered that snowballs should not be weighted with stones or heavy substances, which render them dangerous missiles instead of harmless and amusing ones.
Freshly-fallen snow should be chosen, and before the game commences, the players should be divided into sides and each side should employ all its members to make snowballs as fast as they can. It is very unfair for the elder members to set the little ones to this work, while they are enjoying the fun of aiming the balls.
The side which works the quicker naturally has the larger supply of ammunition and stands a better chance of winning.
Lines should be drawn between which the combatants stand to fight, and whichever side drives the other side over the line is counted victor.
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