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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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138                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
Jack, Jack, the Bread Burns
Two of the players represent a Master baker and his man Jack; the remainder of the boys seat themselves on the ground, one behind the other, and hold each other tightly round the waist. These are supposed to represent loaves of bread. Suddenly the Master cries out "Jack, Jack, the bread burns," and he and his man rush at the loaves and try and detach the first loaf. If they succeed the loaf becomes theirs and is placed in the "shop" (a certain spot chosen previously) for sale, there to await other loaves. The chief thing for Jack and his Master to do is to take the loaves unawares. If, however, the foremost loaf succeeds in catching either Jack or the Master and holding him so tightly that he cannot get away, the one caught must become a loaf, but goes to the rear as soon as it is decided he is fairly caught. The game continues either until all the loaves are caught or until Jack and his Master are caught.
Buck, Buck, How Many Fingers Do I Hold Up ?
Three boys play this game, Master, Buck, and Frog. Buck places himself against a wall, bends his back, supporting him≠self by placing his head against the Master's stomach. The Mas≠ter is supposed to render Buck as much assistance as possible.
The Frog leaps upon Buck's back and asks himó"Buck, Buck, how many fingers do I hold up?" at the same time hold≠ing up some of the fingers of his right hand. If Buck guesses correctly, he is at once released, if not Frog asks him again and again until the right number is guessed when Buck becomes Master, Master becomes Frog, and Frog becomes Buck.
The Sergeant
One of the players is chosen as sergeant and takes his station upon a spot from which he is not allowed to move. The remain≠der range themselves in a line in front of the sergeant, and are bound to carry out his instructions. His commands never
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