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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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exceed two: "Do as I do," and "Do not laugh." This sounds very simple, but as the sergeant makes the most absurd postures he can think of, and which his soldiers are bound to copy, it is very seldom that all obey the second command " Do not laugh." Whenever a soldier laughs he is turned out of the ranks, and when half the soldiers have lost their places the other half are entitled to mount their backs and ride them, the Sergeant urging on the unwilling steeds with a knotted handkerchief.
Duck on the Rock
This is a very good game. A large block of stone is secured and set up. At about fifteen to twenty yards from this block a line is drawn. The space behind the line is "home." The players provide themselves each with a small stone, and taking up their station on the line proceed to throw at the block of stone in turn; the one whose stone is farthest from the block becomes "Duck."
He must place his stone on the block of stone and the others proceed to try and dislodge it. Should the first player succeed in doing this he must run and pick up his own stone and en­deavor to run back to his "home," before "Duck" can replace his stone and touch him.
If "Duck" is able to touch him the one touched becomes "Duck."
There are usually a goodly number of misses before the stone is knocked off the block, and as everyone of the players is bound to run and pick up his stone before running home, "Duck" is almost certain to catch one, although he must replace his stone on the block before doing so. If the one caught is very quick, he may sometimes catch "Duck" again as he has to run back, after touching anyone, get his stone and run home. The last one touched always becomes "Duck."
Follow My Leader
One of the players is chosen as leader and the rest range themselves in a long row behind him. The leader begins to
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