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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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140                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
advance and those behind must follow wherever he goes and copy his every action.
Any boy failing to do this must go to the end of the line, and as all the boys prefer the front they watch each other most anxiously to see if any should fail to carry out the rule.
When a certain time has elapsed it falls to the part of the first boy to become leader and the previous leader goes to the rear. It is fairer to draw lots as to the order in which the boys shall follow, as naturally each one wishes for a chance to become leader.
Aunt Sally
This is such an old and popular game that it will need very little description. To be correct Aunt Sally should have a negress' head adorned with a turban, and a smart gown covering her wooden body; between her lips is fixed a short clay pipe. But any one can rig up an Aunt Sally for himself: an ordinary block of wood, the upper part of which may be painted to represent a face will serve equally well. A hole must be bored in the wood where the lips are painted, so that the pipe may be made fast.
The players take up their stand at twelve or twenty yards from the figure, the distance being agreed upon between the players and marked out. Upon this mark the players take their stand armed with a short thick stick. Each one endeavors to throw the stick in such a way that Aunt Sally's pipe is knocked out of her mouth.
For every time this occurs the player scores a point.
The player who gains the most points wins the game.
All the players hide except one, who stays at the point called home, with his eyes hidden. The hiders separate and hide in various places, but tne last to be hidden cries "Whoop," and the Seeker then starts to find them. The hiders must try and steal home without being caught by the Seeker. If they can
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