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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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144                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
Three Holes
Three holes are made in the ground, each of them being about an inch deep and two inches in diameter. They should be about a yard apart, either in a line or any other position; but they must be numbered i, 2 and 3. A starting line two yards from the nearest hole is fixed and the first player aims for hole 1.
If he succeeds each of the other players must give him a marble and he may then try for hole 2, and again hole 3 if he is so fortunate. Each success entitles him to another shot.
If the first player fails to make the first hole, or having made that misses another, his "taw" or marble must remain on the ground. The other players are then allowed to aim at it and take another stroke off it; if they succeed, the owner of the taw must ransom it by an ordinary marble. No taw may be hit more than once by the same player.
One Hole
Either a cap is placed upon the ground or a round hole is dug, it does not matter which. Each player takes ten marbles in his hand and tries to throw the whole of them into the cap or hole. He reclaims all that go in, but leaves those that fall out­side where they drop.
The players throw in turn; any player who gets the whole ten marbles into the cap takes the marbles that are lying around.
Knock Out
The players draw lots for the order in which they shall play. A line is then drawn two yards from a wall. The first player takes a marble and rolls it against the wall, the second follows suit and then the rest. Any one of them whose marble in the rebound strikes another marble may claim all the marbles on the ground.
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