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If a ball rolls over the line it must be replaced on the line at the point it crossed it.
Long Tav
This game is for two players only. The first player places a marble on the ground, the second places another two yards off in a line with it. At two yards' distance from the last marble the first player shoots another, which is generally a prize marble or taw. If he hits the marble nearest to him he pockets it and has a shot at the next, which he may also pocket. Then the marbles are set again and the second player tries his luck.
If the first player should miss, the second player may aim at all three of the marbles on the ground, including his oppo­nent's taw.
Picking the Plums
Two straight lines are drawn parallel to one another, from four to eight feet apart. Each player places two or three mar­bles, which are called "plums," upon one of the lines, leaving about an inch between them. The players in turn "knuckle down" at the other line and shoot at the "plums," those hit being kept by the successful shooter, but a second shot is not allowed till the next round.
If a player fails to hit a "plum," he must add one to the row to be shot at.
Ring Taw
This game is somewhat like the previous one. A circle about a foot in diameter is drawn on a piece of smooth ground or asphalt; each player puts an agreed-on number of marbles in the circle, as nearly as possible at equal distances from one another. Around this ring another must be drawn at a distance of from six to seven feet; this circle is called the "taw-line."
The first player starts from any point on this line, and shoots at the marbles in the inner circle; if he knocks one out and it goes outside the larger ring he takes it, and may shoot again from the place where the marble he originally shot with stops, and may continue to shoot until he fails to knock a marble out.
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