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Whenever a player fails to knock a marble from the circle his own marble must remain where it stops, unless it rolls out of the outer circle, in which case he may pick it up. The players follow one after the other, keeping the same order throughout the game, one succeeding another as soon as he fails to knock a marble from the ring.
The marbles that have been shot and which remain in either of the rings are treated in the same way as the marbles originally put in the small ring.
The game goes on until both rings are clear.
The marbles for making a pyramid are supplied by one boy, who charges one marble a shot to every boy who wishes to play. A ring a foot in diameter is drawn upon the ground, and in the center three marbles are placed, arranged in a triangle, with a fourth on the top of them, forming a pyramid. Any marbles knocked out of the ring become the property of the shooter, who also retains the marble he shot with, even if it remains in the ring, should he knock one out; but if his marble stops in the ring without knocking another out, it is claimed by the owner of the pyramid.
The players shoot in rotation whether they win or lose. The pyramid must be re-made each time it is knocked down.
This is a good game for two players only. The first player shoots a marble, and the second tries to shoot his marble against or within a span of it. The players shoot alternately, but when one is successful he has another shot, and the other player pays him a marble.
This is the simplest and at the same time one of the best of overback games. The players stand behind each other, forming a long line; the first player in the line makes a back, the
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