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way we sweep the floor," and so on, just as long as the leader of the game fancies.
When the children "go to school," they should walk two and two, very quietly, but if the leader chooses to'suggest: "This is the way we come out of school," they should jump and skip about.
Ring o' Roses
This is a game for very little children. They form a circle holding hands, and walk round singing the following verse:
"Ring-a-ring o' roses, A pocket full of posies, Hush-a, hush-a, we'll all tumble down."
When they sing, "We'll all tumble down," over they go, roly-poly on the grass. Then they get up again, and the game begins afresh.
Top Games
To spin a top, take a stout piece of string with a knot about an inch from one end. To the other end fasten a metal button. Unravel the end of the string below the knot and slightly wet it. Take the top in the left hand and lay the wetted end of the string along the top, just above the peg, and hold it tight with the thumb. Now take the string in the right hand and wind it round the top. When you have wound up all the string put the button between the middle and third fingers, place the thumb under the peg and the first and middle finger on the top.
Take care to keep the string tight. Hold the top high above your head, throw it from you with a bold swing, and you will find the top will spin well.
Peg in the Ring
The best game with peg-tops is "Peg in the Ring." A large ring, a yard in diameter, is marked, with a smaller one, a foot in diameter, within it.
A player begins the game by spinning his top in the smaller
ring; the next "pegs" at it, trying to split it. If a top when it Xii
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