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stops spinning remains in either of the circles it must be placed "dead" in the inner one for the other players to peg at; if, how­ever, it rolls clear, as it should do if well spun, the player spins it again. Every player spins again as soon as he can get his top, and is allowed to peg at every top, dead or spinning, within the inner ring.
When a player successfully splits a top he keeps the peg as a trophy.
'This is another very good game with peg-tops. A small ring, a foot in diameter, is drawn upon the ground, into which each player puts a marble. The players spin their tops outside the circle, pick them up in their hands still spinning, and try, by slipping the tops out of their hands, or "chipping," to knock marbles out of the ring. Any marbles "chipped" out become the property of the player knocking them from the ring.
Whip Tops
The top is started by a twist of the hands, and kept going by whipping. A good deal of fun may be derived from this if several players start in a row, and race with their tops to a certain point, some distance off. Another game is for two players to start their tops from opposite points and try to whip them against each other; the player who is able to knock his opponent's top over with his own, and at the same time to keep the latter spinning, is the winner.
A Chinese Boys' Game
The Chinese and Japanese boys, thirteen years old and under, play a serpent game which is quite exciting. A dozen or more boys form in line, each fellow with his hands on the shoulders of the boy in front of him. One of the fellows is the "Wolf." The boy at the head of the line is the "head" of the serpent, and the last is the "tail." The Wolf stands near the head of the serpent until the signal is given. Then he tries
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