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the goal line becomes a prisoner of the other side. One or the other of the two opponents, then, must become a prisoner. In every case it is the object of both opponents to get the bean bag and return with it to the goal line without being tagged by the other player. Much cleverness may be used in trying to do this. Effort should be made to pit players against each other who are as nearly equal in ability as possible. To this end, the leader on one side may first range his players side by side in the order in which they are to play and then the leader on the other side should arrange his players to the best advan­tage in the order in which they are to play.
The game ends when all the players on both sides have played once. The game is won by the side which has the most prisoners.
Fox and Gander
A player is chosen to be the fox. Another player, the gander, heads a line of players, the geese, who stand behind him, each one with his hands on the shoulders or about the waist of the player immediately in front of him. The fox shouts, "Geese, geese, gannio!" The geese shout back, "Fox, fox, fannio I" The fox then says, "How many geese have you to-day?" The gander replies, "More than you can take away." The fox then tries to tag the last goose in the line; the gander, with hands outspread, and the line of geese by bend­ing the line hither and thither try to prevent it. When the goose at the end of the line is tagged (no other goose may be tagged) he becomes fox and the fox becomes gander.
Horse and Rider
Half the boys (the riders) sit on the shoulders of the other boys (the horses). The riders throw a basket ball from one to the other. Whenever the ball drops to the ground the riders must quickly dismount and run. As soon as a horse gets the ball he calls out "Halt!" The riders must then remain stand­ing. The horse having the ball now throws it at a rider, who
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