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Variation.—The leader counts ten before turning. The counting may be fast or slow, regular or irregular.
All-up Relay
Behind a starting line drawn on the ground the players are arranged in two or more single files (one behind the other in each file), there being a like number of players in the different riles. Directly in front of each file, and at a distance of from twenty to fifty feet from it, two circles are drawn, each three feet in diameter and with rims touching. In one side of each pair of circles three Indian clubs (or billets of wood of equal diameter and height and sawed off square at the ends) are placed on end.
At a given signal the foremost player in each file runs for­ward and with one hand lifts the clubs or billets, one at a time, and sets them down in the adjoining circle so that they stand erect and do not touch the circumference of the circle. This done he hastens back to his file, touches the outstretched hand of the next player (the file having moved forward so that the player to be touched off toes the starting line), and takes his place back of the line. The instant the second player has been touched off he runs forward and sets up the clubs or billets in the other circle. He then runs back and touches off the third player, and so each player in turn runs forward as he is touched off by the preceding player and moves the clubs from one circle to the other. That file wins whose last player first crosses the starting line on his return.
Variation.—A cap or other object is laid upon the ground about thirty feet in front of each file. The players, each in his turn, run around the object from one to three times, as agreed upon, then return and touch off the next runner.
Animal Blind Man's Buff
A circle of players is formed and they dance around a blind­folded player who has a cane in his hand. When he taps on the ground or floor or claps his hands three times, the players come to a stop. He then points to some player who must
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