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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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100                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
any prisoners captured during the game must stand until they are rescued.
The object of the game is for each of the players on either side to dart over the boundary line into the enemy's territory and make a dash for one of the stones, to be brought back in triumph.
A player holding a stone thus captured in her hand claims safe transit back to her own country. If caught before she has captured a stone, she is taken prisoner, and must stand be­hind the flag with hand outstretched to await a rescue.
The next player who succeeds in reaching the flag will touch her hand to rescue her, instead of stealing a stone, and hand in hand rescued and rescuer can cross the enemy's coun­try in safety in order to return home.
The excitement of the game as one or other side succeeds in capturing two or three prisoners who, although on parole not to set foot over the back boundary line behind the flag, skip and dance behind it, waving their hands and imploring to be rescued, can be better imagined than described. If one or two "grown-ups" have consented to join in the fun, the effect of seeing their mother or a good-natured but too venturesome uncle imprisoned behind the enemy's flag leads the juvenile players to perform unheard-of feats of foolhardy valor in their efforts to reach and free them.
The defenders often succeed in capturing these would-be rescuers one after another, until the proud moment arrives when every single member of the enemy's forces is captured and ranged in a row among the prisoners, and nothing remains but to take leisurely all their stones and capture their flag be­fore their eyes, before declaring victory.
In order to win a game of flags, however, it is not neces­sary to first capture the whole of the opposing forces. The only essential is that the winning side should have rescued any members of its side who may have been taken prisoners, and have captured all the enemy's stones, and, lastly, its flag, in order to give a victory, when the game can begin over again.
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