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Crazy Croquet
"Crazy croquet," as its name implies, is a game which breaks every known canon of croquet law and horrifies the serious croquet enthusiast. It can be played upon a proper lawn, with the hoops and sticks set up in regulation fashion; but it can also be played just as well in quite a small garden, where the available turf is cut up with flower-beds, in which case the hoops are set up promiscuously wherever a conven­ient spot presents itself, while the sticks are set up to make variety atjout the course, which must be arranged in such a way that the players can go through the hoops and hit the sticks without having to cross a gravel path, which would much damage the paint on the balls.
For crazy croquet the ordinary croquet mallets, hoops, and sticks may be used, but for children it is better to use quite an inexpensive children's croquet set, with miniature mallets, hoops, and balls.
"Crazy" though the game may appear to the player of ordi­nary croquet, a definite set of rules has been laid down, which all players must follow:—
No. 1.—The ground must be so laid out that the course begins with a hoop, which each player must go through before proceeding elsewhere.
No. 2.—The order of playing is the same as that employed in ordinary .croquet: blue, red, black, yellow.
No. 3.—Any number of players may take part in a match, but from four to eight players make the best game, each player playing for herself. No partners are allowed.
No. 4.—Each player starts from a spot two mallets length away from the first hoop, which must be gone through by each player before he or she can go on elsewhere about the ground.
No. 5.—Each player has one stroke only for each turn, ex­cept after having struck another ball. Going through a hoop . or hitting a stick does not entitle the player to a second stroke.
No. 6.—No player may hit his or her ball until the previous player's ball has come to rest.
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