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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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162                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
No. 7.—When a player has been through the first hoop she may proceed to any part of the ground during her next turn, hitting any stick or going through any hoop she pleases. Going through a hoop or hitting a stick scores one, and a hoop may be approached from either side; but it is forbidden for a player to go through the same hoop or hit the same stick in two successive turns.
No. 8.—A player may strike any other player's ball, and, having done so, appropriates her opponent's score—should it amount to fewer than ten—and is then entitled to take another stroke.
No. 9.—The object of the player with the highest score (under ten) is to avoid the neighborhood of other players' balls until she has succeeded in compiling a score of ten. She is then allowed to put this first ten aside, and set about secur­ing a second ten, to be put aside in the same way, until the full score fixed upon before the commencement of the game—30, 40, or 50, according to the time on hand—is reached, when vic­tory is declared.
The general excitement is, of course, intense when one player has succeeded in compiling a score of six or eight, and is being chased about the ground by the remaining players, and the progress of a crazy croquet match provides much in­terest and amusement for the onlookers.
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