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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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The Looped Chains
A jailer who was instructed not on any account to let his prisoner go free, felt uncertain about the fastenings of the door and window of the cell. He therefore resolved to pass the night in the cell himself, and for extra security padlocked a chain on to his own wrists, first passing the chain through that which confined the prisoner's hands together. Neverthe­less, when he woke in the morning the prisoner had disap­peared, although he could not unlock his own chain, and that of the jailer had not been tampered with.
Let two members of the party try this experiment, with stout cords tied to their wrists representing the chains. If they cannot do it, take the place of one, and proceed as follows:
Pass the loop of your cord, without twisting it, under the cord which binds one of your jailer's wrists, from above; then slip it over his hand, and you will be free. You can make yourself a prisoner again by reversing the movements.
The Witches' Screen
For an evening party, put up an old sheet in a doorway. Four holes are torn in it, and through these holes the following articles are passed to those on the other side, who are blind­folded : a hot potato, a raw oyster, ice, a snake made of dough, a potato filled with toothpicks, and a rubber glove filled with air and the open end tied together and dipped into ice-water. The blindfolded ones are to guess what these articles are.
A Magazine Party
A Magazine Party is a splendid means of passing away an evening. The program may be varied, shortened or lengthened, according to time on hand. The names of the magazines may be acted or disguised in words, so as to give each member of the party an opportunity to exercise the faculty for guessing and reasoning. Prizes may be awarded to those guessing the most and least numbers.
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