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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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a piece, tell a conundrum or suggest a game, to last as long as his fagot burned. The whole afternoon ran rapidly away with this varied and self-originated program.
Below are some schedules of games, arranged alternately for activity and quiet, which have, in my experience, made successful parties:
For a Party of Children 8 to 14
Hide the Thimble                               Poor Pussy
Horns                                                    Menagerie
I Say "Stoop"                                      Change Seats (or Exchange)
Hen Roost                                            Buzz
Trades                                                   Kitty Cat
Did you Ever See a Lassie?                Still Pond
Another Party of Children 8 to 14
Shadow Tag                                         Animal Blind Man's Buff
Find the Ring                                       Going to Jerusalem
Jacob and Rachel                                 Horns
Up Jenkins                                           Center Catch Ball
London Bridge                                     Buzz
Hen Roost                                            Mulberry Bush
For a Party of Young People Over 14
Buzz                                                      Wink
Parlor Field Meet                                Up Jenkins
Beast, Bird, or Fish                             Peanut Race
Jacob and Rachel                                 Still Pond
Minister's Cat                                       Music Box
Observation                                          Spooning
Hottentot Tackle                                 Change Seats (or Exchange)
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