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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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178                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
A general rallying cry in unison shook the banners on the wall:
Hullo! Hurray! K. O. K. A.
I ventured out of my corner for a nearer view of things.
A chair of elaborate design, completely hidden beneath a white cloth, sat at the right hand of the throne. This was the "Siege Perilous," a page whispered to me, "in which only those who do wonderful deeds of bravery ever sit." Beside it, borne on a slender table, lay a massive book, called the "Book of Noble Deeds." I wondered how many of the castle mem­bers had been found worthy to have their names inscribed within, but dared not raise the cover.
Midway of the hall, before the throne, was the Knights' Round Table, covered with a heavy red cloth, with a white cross in the center. About it in a wide circle were the seats. These were numbered, and above each one was suspended, from a gilded spear, a banner, bearing the knightly name of the owner. Sir Bors, Sir Gareth, Sir Tristram, and two-score names, famous in song and story, I met here. Turning to the Jester, who was busily scribbling, I questioned humbly:
"Might just a mere person stay here a little while?"
He nodded abstractedly. "Know any jokes?" he muttered, but again came a ringing cheer, then the rallying cry of
All rah, rah, rah, rah, Who do you think we are? Knights of the present day, K. O. K. A.
A measured chant from the .second castle echoed this, to the steady tramp of heavy feet in the outer court:
We are the knights, Knight of the king, Sworn to live pure, Sworn to speak true, To follow the king, In whatever we do.
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