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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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W OHELO—wohelo—wo-he-lo!" The clear, musical call, rising from the green tangle of the forest that fringed the bay, seemed to float lingeringly above the treetops and out over the wide stretch of gleaming water to a girl in a green canoe. She listened intently until the last faint echo died away, then began paddling rapidly toward the wooded slope.
"I'm going to find out what that means," said the girl to herself. "It sounded like an Indian call, but I'm sure those were not Indian voices."
On and on, steadily, swiftly, swept the green canoe, until, rounding a wooded point, it slipped suddenly into a beautiful little cove. Here there was a floating dock with a small fleet of canoes and rowboats surrounding it, and with steps lead­ing up the slope. The girl smiled as she stepped lightly out on the dock and fastened her canoe to one of the rings.
"A girls' camp it surely is," she said to herself. "I'm go­ing to get a glimpse of it, anyhow."
Running up the steps, she followed a well-trodden path through a pine grove. In a few minutes, through the trees, she caught the gleam of white tents and stopped to reconnoiter. A dozen or more tents were set irregularly around an open space; also there was a large frame building with canvas in­stead of boards on two sides, and adjoining this a small frame shack, evidently a kitchen; and girls were everywhere.
"Oh!" said the girl under her breath as she peered through
the green branches. "I wonder if I dare venture-----" She
broke off abruptly, staring in surprise at a group approaching
* From "The Torch Bearers," by Ida T. Thurston, published by Fleming H. Revell Company, New York and Chicago.
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