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in her outstretched hand distinctly revealing her happy trium­phant face against the dark background of the pines.
There was a ready chorus of applause as Mrs. Royall an­nounced, "Thirty seconds within the time limit, Mary. Well done! Now light the Council Fire."
The girl stepped forward and touched her flaming brand to the wood that had been made ready by the other Fire Makers, and soon the flames began to blaze and crackle, filling the air with a spicy fragrance and sending a vivid glow across the circle of intent young faces. Laura caught her breath as she looked around the circle.
"What a picture!" she whispered. "It is lovely!"
At a signal from Mrs. Royall the girls now gathered closer about the fire and, led by Anne Wentworth, repeated in unison the beautiful Fire Ode.
In a few clear-cut sentences Mrs. Royall then spoke of the Camp Fire symbolism—of fire as the living, renewing, all-pervading element—of "Our brother, the fire, bright and pleasant, and very mighty and strong," as being the underlying spirit—the heart of this new order of the girls of America, just as the hearth-fire is the heart of the home. She spoke of the brown chevron with the crossed sticks, the symbol of the Wood Gatherer, of the blue and orange symbol of the Fire Maker, and of the complete insignia combining both of these with the touch of white representing smoke from the flame, worn by the Torch Bearer. She tried to make clear the beauti­ful meaning of each symbol.
When the roll-call was read, each girl, as she answered to her name, gave also the number of honors she had earned since the last meeting. There was a report of the last Council, and then each girl told of some good deed which she had seen or heard of since the last meeting—things ranging all the way from hunting for a lost glove to going for the doctor at mid­night when a girl was taken suddenly ill in camp.
"There's a new member to be received to-night. Here she comes," said Anne, when the reports were all given.
Laura watched the new member as she stepped out of the circle and crossed over to the Chief Guardian. Mrs. Royall
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