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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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204                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
grinder has a value unknown in other hours, but it is not the organ grinder that you really want—it is your own old piano.
But life isn't all "pain and anguish"; there are the "hours of ease," and I cannot see how it would hurt your dignity or abase your art to minister to the common good in hours like these. Yes, I say it boldly, by playing for dancing. When you are all together and a happy impromptu dance is suggested, is there not always some one victim, more or less meek, who plays and plays, and never dances? I don't see why every girl who can play the piano at all should not take her turn at playing for the dance. There is a dear little story about Paderewski's paying an unexpected visit to the nursery of a celebrated magazine editor, and upon being urged to play that the children might waltz—urged by the children, that is—per­forming for them for half an hour, while the babies circled to probably the most expensive music in the world. He played Chopin waltzes, and when at the end he asked the children how they liked it, they replied with the frankness of their years that "it was lovely, but he didn't keep time quite as well as Fraulein." Naturally, for some one has said that the Chopin valses are intended for three-legged dancers. You see, it is the great who do not fear to be small; if it did not hurt Paderewski to play for dancing children, it won't hurt you; indeed, it will give you a sense of rhythm, if you haven't it already, and the feeling that you must go on and keep the beat, whatever happens, something that will do you a world of good when you come to ensemble playing. It is all in the spirit in which you do it—if when it comes your turn to play you think, "Now my music is called for; here is another chance to serve."
I am old-fashioned enough to regret the neglect of the "Sunday night sing," the hymns performed by the whole family. Nevertheless, there is still the Sunday school and the prayer meeting, and always a day coming when the regular pianist drops out and some one is needed. The minister's wife will be very glad if you have taken this sermon to heart, and are ready and glad to play without fuss or excuse.
But when your education is completed and you have mar-
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