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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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P ETS are interesting, but they are lots of trouble for boys and girls who have no stick-at-ness. They have to have homes, and have to be fed, and have to be cared for in other ways every day. You can feed them to-day, but you must not forget them to-morrow.
Pets are different from dolls and roller-skates and veloci­pedes. They have in them some of that same thing which makes you different from a doll. This thing is called "life." If pets were allowed to live like their wild relations, they would care for themselves. So when we keep them as pets we are responsible for their care and their lives. Before you adopt any pets ask yourself if you are determined to be faithful to them.
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S MALL aquariums as, objects of interest and decoration in the house have become so common that their presence no longer attracts special comment, though the custom of keeping them is of comparatively recent origin. Goldfishes have been bred by the Chinese and other oriental peoples for several centuries, but chiefly in small out-door pools in the gardens.
The facts that animals require oxygen in respiration and that green plants give off oxygen in excess were discovered and published as early as 1778, but lovers of aquatic life were slow to apply this knowledge.
*From "The Care of Home Aquaria,". by Raymond C. Osburn, New York Aquarium Nature Series; used by permission of the New York Zoological Society.
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