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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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sufficient wear. The tips of the mandibles may be pared down with a sharp knife, but care must be taken not to cut deep enough to reach the quick.
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F EED your dog regularly, but do not overfeed him. A light breakfast is best, such as a dog biscuit, soaked over­night in a little broth or water, with porridge for a change. Dogs should be fed only twice a day. For dinner, about five o'clock in the afternoon, let it be a good plate of meat and vegetables, with a little gravy, if possible. Always give your dog a good-sized pan of fresh water, so that he can take a drink whenever he is thirsty.
Bones should be given about three times a week. Any
bone at any time, and with or without meat upon it, will amuse
a dog, for a bone is a dog's toothpick. Do not give small
bones, as of chickens or fish, as they are likely to stick in
* his throat.
The best indication as to whether the feeding is proper or not is the dog's condition. He should be neither lean nor fat, but sleek. Too much meat and lack of cleanliness will give rise to the "doggy" smell.
If a dog has a kennel out of doors, let it be large and roomy, with a good supply of clean straw, and place it in a sheltered corner. If you live near a stream, let him have a swim as often as possible. Dogs, like boys and girls, need plenty of exercise and fresh air and plenty of romps, to keep them happy. At least once a week give your pet's coat a good rubbing with a fairly stiff brush. A bath may be given indoors, with similar precautions as to drying and getting chilled that you would take in the case of a child. If your dog is going to sleep in the house, let him sleep in the hall or the kitchen, on a mat, but out of the draft.
A dog is a natural flea-trap. Let him pick them up, then clean him, and you have relieved the whole neighborhood.
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