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of good lumber, have tight floors, and have at least 12 square feet of floor space and a height of 2 feet. If there is plenty of room in the rabbitry, it is best to have the hutches separate; but they are usually set in tiers or stacks, two or three in height. Each hutch in the rank is complete in itself, so that its position may be shifted at any time.
A convenient indoor hutch is one 6 by 2 by 2 feet, with a movable partition dividing off a third of the space at one end for a nest and sleeping chamber. The partition has a smooth hole, to permit passage of the animals from one part to the other. The front of the hutch has two doors, one of wire netting, the other of wood. The wooden door opens to the sleeping chamber, and should close tightly. It is best to use metal hinges for the doors. The partition may slide in a groove between the doors or may be put in and taken out through one of the door openings.
Outdoor hutches should have sloping roofs and overhang­ing eaves, to protect them from rain. The screened door should have a sliding cover of wood or be fitted with a re­movable cloth cover. Small holes bored near the top of the hutch will afford all necessary ventilation.
Movable hutches have some advantages. They may be car­ried outdoors in fine weather and taken back under shelter at night or during storms. Long, narrow cleats projecting at both ends of the hutch are all that are needed to convert the ordinary hutch into a movable one.
A rabbit court may be paved or floored, or it may be a grass court surrounded by a rabbit-proof fence. Sleeping hutches inside the court may be small boxes of any sort, if they are stout and waterproof. They should have sliding doors to confine the rabbits, if desired, and should also have small holes near the top for ventilation.
A rabbit-proof fence to inclose a grass court should be made of heavy poultry netting, 5 or 6 feet wide and of 1.5 inch mesh. The posts, projecting 3 or 4 feet above the ground, should be well set outside the edge of the court. The netting
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