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ENJOYING EACH OTHER                    249
What is the purpose of holes in the young bark of a tree?
Why does a duck never get wet?
Another kind of questions may be propounded which have no direct connection with immediate observation, but which are thought-starters. Such are these:
What makes a bee hum?
Does a tadpole know he will lose his tail?
Where are a frog's ears?
How did a pig nearly cause a war ?
How did we get the umbrella?
Why will a rug smother a fire ?
Things Read. From the newspaper: father's comment on the political news; brother's "dope" on the sport situation; sister's on the latest in fashions; a new idea in science; a fresh discovery; a recipe for mother; the brightest cartoon; some­thing from to-day's lesson in a school textbook; a favorite poem; novels or plays summarized.
Famous Events. Keeping track of great anniversaries; dis­covering one significant event in each century since Christ, one. each morning; talking about one new country every month; each member to pretend that he is a citizen of a different nation, and to be responsible to tell what is going on in his "native land."
Hobbies. 'Arrange that each member have a chance in turn to tell the rest about what he is much interested in. "If a person liked anything, if he took snuff heartily/* says Hazlitt of a certain company, "it was sufficient."
Big Movements. There should be room at table to tell about betterment movements in the city or nation, such as the new playground; the Boy Scouts; what the Y. M. C. A. is doing; how to keep the streets clean and safe; how the na­tion's wards, the Indians, 'are being taken care of; what prog­ress the Armenians or Belgians are making since the war, etc.
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