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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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Mother, too, should be regarded. She deserves that the day should be less rather than more hard for her.
And the children should have their share, lest the Sabbath perish from the earth.
It should also be a clan day. Each should have his share, and all ought to share something in it together.
The salvation of the day itself is to have a timetable. Have breakfast late if you will, but have it together. Let nobody call upon father for entertainment until say 3 o'clock, and leave mother alone after that hour. Have each do his part, and on time. And always let the children get supper on Sunday nights.
Second, Change. I believe in "Sunday best"óbest clothes,
a Sunday treat, different games, new phonograph records, a
Sunday treasure-box. Whatever is new or unexpected, spring
' it on the family Sunday. The spirit of Sunday in the home
should be that of everybody's birthday party.
Third, Uplift. "They tune their hearts, by far the noblest aim," said Robert Burns, "a countryman of the Sabbath." The Sabbath was made for man, we have been told. It was made to remake man, to help us all be whole men and women. Among the Jews it was, and still is, a home day.
"Together" is the watchword for a perfect family Sunday. Once a day, if you will, together at church. Let all be present at every meal. Have such regular events as the monthly walk to the Sunday tree, the family visit to grandma, the family gift to some shut-in.
The home Sunday has room for friends. I don't mean the big dinner or the house party. I mean the simple lunch on the porch. I mean that Mary may give her Tom a picnic in the grape arbor. I mean that Frank may have a cafeteria affair on trays with his chums up in his room.
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