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T HE following suggestions are for the boy or girl who wants to make the necessary preparations for a family camp. It is presupposed that mother or the maid is to do the cooking and that the family life will go on about as usual, so far as refinement and custom are concerned, with much sim­plification.
Anybody can sleep in a tent that somebody else has pitched, or under a shelter someone else has built. One may do this without understanding even the A B C of campcraft. But camping, as we understand it, means far more than that. It includes the ability to select a good camp site, to erect a tent or other shelter in quick time, to provide against bad weather, and also to guard against sickness by taking proper sanitary precautions.
The ability to do these things can be acquired only by practice and experience.
If two trees cannot be found conveniently located against which to build the lean-to, drive two stakes at the proper dis­tance apart, lash the cross-pole to them near their top, and proceed as described.
Sometimes stakes cannot be driven firmly into the ground. In such cases two tripods will answer admirably in their stead. To make a tripod, cut three poles of the proper length. Near the top, or smaller end of the poles, lash them together, then spread the butts, and the tripod will stand alone. Two of these tripods will make an excellent support for the cross-pole.
In case well-leaved branches cannot be found for thatching, grass will do nicely. In places where well-foliaged saplings are to be found conveniently located the lower branches of four
* Used by permission of Boys' Life.
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