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ENJOYING EACH OTHER                      261
firmly set a post extending eighteen inches above the ground; sixteen inches directly behind each of these posts set another post, which should extend two and one-half inches above the ground. From the front post to the .rear post at either end of the pit nail a stiff cross-piece. 'These are to serve as support for a seat board, which should be about six inches wide and nailed to the crosspieces, flush with the front of the latrine. Another board nailed to the rear posts will serve as a back, and the front may be closed with boards.
If obtainable, a quantity of air-slaked lime should be kept near the latrine, and at least once a day some of it should be sprinkled generously in the pit. In the absence of lime loose earth should be thrown in.
Camp garbage should be burned or buried. If burning is resorted to, a permanent fireplace of stones, built for the pur­pose, will be found a convenience. No bones or other refuse should be thrown upon the camp ground or in the vicinity of the camp.
Refuse draws flies, and flies are dangerous to health.
The essentials to a good camp, as enumerated by Mr. E. M. Robinson, International Secretary of the Y. M. C. A. for Boys' Work, are as follows:
1.  Good water for drinking, cooking, and washing.
2.  A .body of water for fishing, boating, swimming, bathing, and
going about.
3.  A wooded tract for roaming, hunting, for shade, for wood con-
4.  An open field for games and sun drying.
5.  Sleeping accommodations: tents, a log cabin, deserted house,
under a boat.
6.  Good drainage for tents, for sanitary purposes.
7.  Good outlook, scenery.
8.  Seclusion which allows a free dress and manner of living.
9.  An agreeable personnel.
10.  Discipline, allotment of labor and privilege, freedom.
11.  Good climatic conditions.
12.  Camp-fire.
13.  Abundance of good food.
14.  Suitable clothing to rough it and be comfortable.
15.  Communication with civilization.
16.  Being away from home and home habits.
17.  Abundant activity and great quantities of rest.
18.  New things of interest to claim the attention. X—18
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