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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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Fruit: Bananas, berries, cantaloupes, apples, stewed fruit, and berries. Cereals: Shredded wheat, cream of wheat, toasted corn flakes, post
toasties, puffed wheat, hominy grits, corn-meal mush. Eggs: Fried, boiled, scrambled, poached on toast. Meats and fish: Bacon, meat hash, meat stew, chopped meat on toast,
codfish cakes, creamed codfish, fried fresh fish, creamed dried beef. Vegetables: Potatoesóbaked, creamed, mashed, browned, German
fried; baked beans. Bread: Toast, corn bread, hot cakes.
Soups: Vegetable, bean, clam or fish chowder, corn chowder. Meats: As above, also: roasts; stews, beef or lamb; steak, pot-roast,
Harrfburg, corned beef, boiled ham, meat pie. Vegetables: As above, also: corn, stewed, escalloped, corn on cob;
peas; summer squash; tomatoes stewed; apple-sauce; greens. Desserts: Ice cream; rice pudding; tapioca pudding; bread pudding; cottage pudding; sliced peaches; berries, pie.
Cereals: As above.
Cold dishes: Sliced beef, ham, corned beef, potato salad, cole slaw, pressed meats.
Hot dishes: Irish stew, croquettes, frankfurters, potato cakes, baked beans, stewed kidney beans, thick soups; potatoes, as above; creamed salmon; codfish; macaroni and cheese; potato hash.
Desserts: As above, also: prunes, stewed apples, etc.
Cakes*: Gingerbread, sweetbread, cookies.
Relishes: Pickled beets, chow chow, piccalilli.
Drinks (for all meals) : Milk, lemonade, iced tea, cocoa.
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