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blesome and sting sharply; a slack rope tightens; corns, chil­blains, wounds, or sores, itch or ache more than usual.
When a large ring is seen round the moon; the scent of flowers is very noticeable; rainbows are seen in the morning; smoke beats downward; horses and cattle stretch their necks and sniff the air.
When fowls wallow in the dust; sea-fowls fly inland; flies gather in houses; the sun sets behind a heavy bank of clouds after a fine day; the moon rises large and red.
What one likes best to see in the way of weather signs is the fine-weather token. There is one token which has never been known to fail. On autumn mornings, often there is a veil of mist lying over the country, and it is difficult to know what weather the day will bring forth. When, in spite of the mist, spider-webs are on the hedges, and cover almost every inch of the stubble fields, each web loaded with drops of mois­ture, then one may be sure not only that the day will be fine, but that it will be hot.
Signals of the Sky
The most trustworthy of all signs of future weather are given by the winds and the clouds—the signals of the sky. Certain marked conditions of wind and clouds always betoken certain weather, and that weather always follows. "Every wind has its weather" is an old and true saying.
The white clouds often seen against a blue sky, rising up like mountains of fleecy wool, are most useful weather-guides. When these clouds mount up and up, then drift, rapidly change their shape, and melt away altogether, it is a sign of fair weather.
Against the setting sun, smaller clouds of the same nature are sometimes seen as dark blots, seemingly near the earth, and one can almost see the space between them and the other clouds beyond which the sun is sinking. The dark clouds are the heralds of rain.
When a very bright, clear morning comes after a spell of unsettled weather, people commonly say, "It is too fine to
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