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HOME HANDICRAFT                         293
A keen, live boy who is looking for business should be able to secure enough repairing and work around his neigh­borhood to earn all the money for his material in a short time. Your neighbors are always looking for someone to put up shelves, take down and put up screen-doors or window-screens, or to do a little painting here or there. Again, some of the objects described later may be sold for Christmas pres­ents for children and thus, net the ambitious boy an income for further addition to his own kit of tools.
The following list of tools can be procured at any reliable hardware store. It is economical in the long run to buy only the best tools that are on the market, as poor steel is expensive at any price.
This list of tools is ample for the young student to begin his work, and will not be so expensive as one would naturally think.
As wants increase it is advised that these additions be made:                          _
One 12-inch turning saw.
One 18 x 24-inch carpenter's steel square.
One 24-inch rip saw, 6 point.
One spoke-shave, No. 54.
One brad-awl.
One side-cutting pliers.
One pair winged dividers.
One Yankee hand-drill, with set of bits.
One set iron drills, Nos. 1 to 60.
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