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HOME HANDICRAFT                         295
The most difficult work on the toys is the drawing of the animal itself. The best way for doing this is to proceed the way the artist does who is applying a mural decoration to a large wall space. Decide how many times larger than the pic­ture in the book you wish to make your toy. Now take a com­mon ruler and draw light pencil marks across the animal, both across and up and down, 1/4 of an inch apart. If you are going to make your toy, say, two or three times as large as that in the book, select a piece of wood either two or three times as large as the drawing, rule squares two or three times
as large as you did on the drawing in the book; number each square in the book, and placing numbers to correspond on your board, you can transfer the drawing, free-hand, quite accu­rately.
A jig-saw should now be used to saw out the animal from the thin board. In using this tool the operator should sit down and have the part of the board on which he is working project beyond the edge of the bench; as the teeth of the saw point toward the handle, most of the cutting is done on the down­ward stroke.
After the toy is sawed out and sanded with a fine sand-
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