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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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298                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
The dinkey-bird, Figure 9, should be cut out and assembled as shown in the drawing. Make one head and tail, and two pieces like the body, and two legs. Assemble by nailing the two parts of the body firmly to the legs. The joints at A and B should be extremely loose, and the space between the two parts of the body be such that the head and tail will work freely. This can be accomplished by nailing a small piece of wood slightly thicker than the head and tail parts between the two body parts. Such a piece is indicated by dotted lines at
D. After attaching the strings as shown and assembling the bird, it is attached to a small piece of wood the end of which shows at E. This piece is long enough to be fastened to the edge of a table, using either a clamp or a weight. Now by swinging the lead weight like a pendulum our prehistoric bird ducks his head and tail alternately, owing to the fact that the weight of the lead is transferred from one branch to the other of the forked strings running to the head and tail. It may be advisable to run these two strings through holes in the base
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