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HOME HANDICRAFT                         303
The wheel in Figure 14 is a small model of those used in some of the Western States. Its striking feature is that the entire wheel can be raised up out of the water when not in use. This is accomplished by making the two bearings so *hey can slide up and down between the double upright stand­ards on each side.
The ambitious boy might look up in the encyclopedia, or in the bound volumes of the Scientific American Supplement, the real machines which this imitates and see if he can place a
Figure 16
small bucket on each paddle so that a little water is raised up by each one and emptied in a trough at the highest point.
The wheel pictured in Figure 15 can be used either as an overshot or breast wheel, depending on whether the stream of water is applied to it through A or B. The wheel in this case can be made out of two circles of 1/2-inch thick wood and two of 7/8inch thick wood. The two 1/2-inch pieces overlapping the 7/8 inch pieces 1 1/2 inches or 2 inches all around. Now, nail the two smaller together and the large pieces on the outside, being careful to have the grain run crosswise with each other and also to have the center of each piece over each other. Procure a piece of tin as wide as the distance between the two
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