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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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making the pieces; but just a word about putting the house together. Nail back to the sides and screw on the front. Then nail the bottom on. Fit and fix the roof, nailing into the sides and back only. Place the chimney in position. A cork may be used in the chimney and the gut wrapped around it. Cut a small piece of 1/4-inch wood that will easily slip into the box, also a small piece of 1/4-inch dowel rod, which is nailed to the
Figure 28
board. Fasten in the gut with glue and a wedge. The figures may be drawn or cut from a magazine-picture pasted on 1/4-inch wood and cut out with a jig saw, then nailed and glued to the base.
Kites are among the oldest playthings in the world. As long ago as 300 B.C. a Chinese general used kites to signal messages from the army that help was coming to an attacked city. Benjamin Franklin made many experiments with kites.
There are many varieties of kites, but three easily made are described here. Figure 29 is a kite with a tail; Figure 30 a tailless kite; Figure 31, a box kite.
The secret of success lies in the proper shaping and balanc-
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