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HOME HANDICRAFT                         325
Glue the corners and drive in the brads all the way. Let the glue set. Do the same with the other three struts. Get out two stretcher sticks 30 inches long. Do not cut them to length until after cloth and loops are fastened in place.
To make the cloth cells, take 21/4 yards of cambric and pin to the floor smooth and straight. Lay out enough to cover each end of the kite as if it were laid out in one line. Sew the ends together, hem the cut edge.
Make eight loops of twine to stretch up the kite at each end all the same length. Fasten them to each corner of the end of the kite and bring them to the center diagonally. Make a hole through the cloth in the center of the end of each cell for the stretcher stick to pass through. Notch on end of the stretcher. Stand kite on end with one frame next to you; pass the notched end of the stretcher stick under the loops through the hole, and on through the other side of the kite. Put the centers of the loops in the notch; grasp the centers of the loops next to you and pull on them, at the same time pushing on the stretcher stick. Strain it good and tight, mark stick where loops cross, cut to length, cut the notch and wind with thread. Fix the other stick the same way.
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by r. t. johnston
Under this heading we will endeavor to show the young mechanic how to build three different types of steam-engines. It will be necessary to use more metal, and this will bring in problems of cutting, filing, and soldering. Hero's engine is the simplest and we will take that up first. Obtain a good tin can of the Karo syrup type, with a removable top. The base is made of 1/2-inch wood about 5 inches square, the upright of the same material about 1 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches long and the top piece 1l/2 inches by 6 inches. Square up your pieces to size and fasten together with 1 1/2-inch brads or l 1/4 No. 6 r.-h. wood screws. Fastening with screws will make the
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