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HOME HANDICRAFT                         333
flattened slightly and drilled with about a No. 40 drill. These two pieces with the coupling O, which is a piece of 3/32 inch pipe, tapped right and left, should measure 3 inches long when joined. The valve is made from 1/4-'mch rod and should be fastened to valve rod similar to the way the piston head and piston rod is fastened so that it will work freely like a hinge. The valve shown measures about 3/8 inch long. By the use of the coupling O, you can lengthen or shorten the valve rod in adjusting and timing your valve motion. In as­sembling remember all the joints are movable and should work freely but should not be too loose or wabbly.
Escutcheon pins cut off make good rivets for fastening A, B, C, and E together.
Assembling the Parts
It may help you in assembling to refer to Figure 35, which shows quite clearly how and where each part is attached. The steam may be supplied by a tea kettle with a hose connection to the intake at M.
Horizontal Type of Steam Engine
In Figure 36 we have the drawings of a horizontal type of steam engine. The base is made from hard wood 1 inch by 4 inches by 10 1/4 inches and cut away on the side of one end, and also near the center a piece is cut out to make room for the flywheel; see top view of drawing L. No cleats are needed, as the thickness and narrow width will prevent warping. The cylinder is made from a piece of brass tubing 3/4 inch inside diameter. The lower end is closed by partly filling with hot lead and an 1/8 inch hole drilled to receive steam from the valve K, which also has the same size hole, which should meet the one in the cylinder when soldered together. Two small metal pieces are made and a groove filed in top of each (see drawing A) to fit the cylinder and act as a bed. These are soldered fast to cylinder after first drilling hole through each to fit a screw to hold to the base. Fasten to base first, then after soldering valve to cylinder, solder cylinder to the pieces marked A. The fly-wheel in this engine is cast in lead.
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