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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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338                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
hook which may be made from a steel wire nail flattened and bent on the end. The incoming wire is connected at B and the outgoing wire at A. When the key is at rest the circuit is open, when pressed down it is closed, and when pressed down or released it clicks at both movements.
Shocking Coil
Figure 39 shows a simple shocking coil, which is really only a small induction coil and consists of a core, a primary
Figure 39
winding, a secondary winding, and an interrupter. The func­tion of the shocking coil is to raise the voltage high enough to produce a shock. First roll up a piece of paper into a tube 5/16 inch in diameter inside, 2 1/2 inches long—the outer edge of the paper being carefully glued so that it will not unroll. This tube is then filled with pieces of iron wire 2 1/2 inches long; No. 20 or 24 gauge will do, A square block 1 inch by 1
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