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Connecting Up
One terminal of the primary is connected to the interrupter spring, and the other to the binding post. The contact post is also connected to a binding post. If a battery is connected to the two binding posts, the current will flow from one post through the coil to the interrupter spring, through the spring to the contact post, and thence back to the battery, making a complete circuit. As soon as the current flows, however, it produces magnetism, which draws the spring away from the contact and breaks the circuit, cutting off the magnetic pull. The spring flies back to the contact but is drawn forward again immediately and repeats the operation continuously at a high rate of speed. The secondary terminals are led out to two binding posts to which are connected two electrodes or handles by means of flexible wires. These electrodes are made from two pieces of tubing. The wires can be soldered or wedged in with a cork. If the handles are grasped while the battery is connected to the primary posts and the interrupter is in
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