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M ANY boys and girls are not familiar with the principles of vegetable-gardening. We shall therefore present some of the essential factors necessary to success in gardening.
Before the actual gardening is begun, a well-drawn plan should be made by each boy and girl. Draw your plan to a scale—that is, let each 1/4 inch on the paper represent 1 foot in the garden. Using this scale on a garden 25 by 50 feet, we shall have a drawing that will be 6 1/4 by 12)1/2 inches.
With this same unit of measure represent the rows as they should be made, always remembering that for each foot in the garden you will use one-fourth of an inch on the paper. Consult the table for the space between the rows of vegetables as well as for distances apart of the plants in the rows.
In planning a garden it is very important that vegetables of a tall habit of growth should be so placed that they will not shade the vegetables having a low habit of growth. This will give all the plants some sunlight.
After the plan is drawn on paper the young gardener must decide how much seed will be needed. The planting-table will help in this. It has a list, or column, of the amount of seed required for 100 lineal feet. If the row in the garden is only 50 feet long, the seed required will be one-half the amount named in the table. It is always best to order more seed than is actually required.
When the quantity of seed is known it should be ordered from a reliable seed house. Consult a neighbor who has a successful garden.
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