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MAKING MONEY AT HOME                    375
in his neighborhood. The months given are those appropriate for the Northern States.
In planting seed the rows in the garden should correspond to the rows as planned on the paper. Measurements from the nearest stakes at both ends of the rows should be taken. A garden line or some other means should be used for keeping the rows straight.
The table will serve as a guide in planting the seed, but no one can be taught gardening from a printed page. Consult your parents, your teacher, your district superintendent, and any successful gardener. Good advice at first hand will be valuable.
A furrow should be opened to the required depth with a hoe, which, as above said, should be guided by a line, or mark. The seed should be spread along the bottom of this furrow, then dirt should be filled in over the seed and pressed down by walking on it.
If tomatoes or other plants are raised in a hotbed, cold-frame, or seed-bed, they should be removed with the largest amount of root surface possible and placed in the garden in the straight row planned for them, at the proper distance apart, in the following manner: With a trowel dig a hole larger than the plant roots need; fine the earth; set the roots of the plant slightly deeper in this fine earth than they grew; cover them with dirt; press hard; fill in more dirt, pressing now and then, until the level of the soil is reached. The plant will then be transplanted in such a way that it will have the best opportunity to grow.
If the plants come up too thickly they should be thinned according to directions given in the table under the heading "Distance apart of plants in row." This is necessary in order to give the remaining plants the space that they require for the best growth.
There are two things necessary for good cultivation—keep them in mind: first, absence of weeds; second, the surface soil should be loose at all times. This can easily be done with
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